Monday, January 25, 2010

Interesting low ISO shooting

Hey, as I said in my first post I am a gear whore. Recently I bought a Kodak DCS-14NX partly bcause it was cheap, partly due to peer pressure from my nikon friends. It's been interesting. It has a special low iso mode with iso 6/12/25/50 for use under specific exposures. Anyways I decided to try some new photography with it.

Here is the larger version of the photo.

What we have is a bit of a ghosting effect. It's a product of taking many exposures and combining them.
Here's what I used:
-Kodak DCS-14NX at iso 25
-Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 at F16
-Sherpa branded tripod (don't remember the model number I borrowed it from the paper office)
Here is what I did in a nut shell:
-Multiple exposures, about 18 (Not needed if you have lots of people standing still where you're doing this) (If you're using a camera without an intervolometer use mirror lock up or a timing delay between shots to reduce camera shake)
-In photoshop I copied each layer onto a new psd file
-set all the photo to darken on top of 1 base image (you might need to adjust the position of each photo to be exactly on top of eachother depending on how nice your tripod is)
***You can do this by going into edit and then selecting Auto Align Layers
-selected every layer ( minus base layer)
-desaturated those layers
Hope this was helpful.